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How to Choose The Right Wedding Entertainment


Tips to Choose the Best Wedding entertainment for your big day

Posted by by Neil Burke

Tip 1) Booking Daytime or Evening Entertainment

Traditionally when thinking of wedding entertainment, the first thought is of the evening reception with the happy couple and their guests filling the dancefloor and celebrating the big day in style and really putting the icing on the cake for a great day.

But live music can have a place much earlier in the day at a wedding. For example, during the ceremony a guitar or piano singer serenading a version of you and your partners favourite song during the walk down the aisle could really put that extra special bit of romance in the air. Normally the act will pause the entertainment during the actual ceremony for the formal proceedings to take place, before playing a handful of songs during the signing of the register.

Singers that provide this service will normally offer to play after the ceremony during drinks reception which is often the time the couple and close family go for photos so for the 45-60 mins before the sit down meal begins a singer performing an intimate set for the guests in the bar area. Female Guitar Singer Kathleen Amanda is a perfect example of an act that provides the ceremony service followed by drinks reception, with the added fact she plays saxophone also.


"This really is the make or break question, to go for a cheap option and hope it all goes well on the night or pay more and go for an act with a solid track record of successful wedding receptions behind them"

Another form of daytime wedding entertainment is a singer that performs during the wedding breakfast sit down meal. Usually this performer is smartly dressed in a suit, almost ‘Michael Buble-esque’ and will perform a whole variety of songs which are perfect for a restaurant setting but leaning more towards the fact it is a wedding.

Depending on your requirements they can set up in a corner of the room and let the music fill the air, or alternatively you can ask them to also walk around and mingle with the guests during their performance, this is a real ice-breaker to get all the guests on the tables having fun and the acts have plenty of experience so it is all done in a classy way without coming across too cheesy.

An expert rat pack swing singer that can work the room during the wedding breakfast is Joshua Kendal. You can visit his profile and watch the video here.


"Regardless of which you choose - singer or band, a professional entertainer will have the ability to tailor the music to your requirements and also to the flow of the evening"

Finally, the evening wedding reception is the most popular form of live music at a wedding. Often a wedding venue will offer a DJ service as part of a package deal when booking a wedding. Although this is very entertaining with the great lighting rig and PA system the DJ uses, there really isn’t anything to compare to live music, the real sound of the live performer mixed in with the human interaction of a professional entertainer working their best to make yours a night to remember really is a good reason to consider hiring some live entertainment. If you have already thought of a live act, the next question leads on to Tip 2….

Tip 2) Should I Hire A Singer or a Band?

There are many reasons and factors that come into choosing between a singer or a band such as-
*Size of the area at the venue for the act to perform
*What is available in the budget range?
*Taste in music (Ranging from laid back solo guitarist, to lively party singers through to full party band with brass section)

An important thing to note is that regardless of which you choose singer or band, a professional entertainer will have the ability to tailor the music to your requirements and also to the flow of the evening, so many acts will start off in the first set performing a range of hits and classics at a nice volume where guests can still enjoy conversations and generally create a great atmosphere. Then later in the evening after the buffet has settled and the drinks are flowing, when everyone is ready to dance, they can shift gear and perform a set of floorfillers to really take the night to the next level.

As a guide solo singers who are well proven, auditioned and approved will go out for anywhere from £250-£500 and then party bands will start at around £700 and go up to the £1600 range for a full evening of entertainment.


Tip 3) Price or Quality?

This really is a make or break question, to go for a cheap option and hope it all goes well on the night or pay more and go for an act with a solid track record of successful wedding receptions behind them.

Its definitely a personal choice here and is dependent on different factors. On Facebook and Gumtree etc there are always singers advertising themselves as a wedding singer with a half decent photograph, an email and a mobile number and advertising at £150 all in for the evening. More often than not this will be an new starting out act attempting to break into the wedding entertainment scene, so although you may strike lucky and find a gem of an up and coming act, without the proven history you’re basically taking a gamble on the live music for one of the biggest days of your life. Booking an unknown act is fine for a pub or club that can put it down to a bad night and move on but obviously a wedding day is different.

Once you get into the £250 upwards bracket for solo acts and £700 upwards for live bands the acts tend to be of a higher quality, the main reason this is true is that the wouldn’t ask for that fee if they weren’t confident they’d deliver the goods on the night.

As you look around the acts available, the best acts will have professionally made photos, recording studios quality music clips, HD quality live video footage as well as testimonials from previous happy clients. The tip top acts will even include a set list and biography so you can get a real feel for the entertainment they provide. In this era of modern technology and media is has never been a better time to carefully filter and audition yourself the talent available to hire. You really can hold your very own X-Factor bootcamp audition with your partner and can be a very relaxing and fun aspect of your wedding planning by sitting back with a glass of wine and comparing the music and video and coming up with your very final group of potential wedding entertainers.

If booking live entertainment is something you are interested in for your wedding and you would like to get a selection of available acts for your date simply fill in the Quick Enquiry Form just below with a few details about your date and within 24 hours you will have a tailored selection of the best talent in your local area to compare to hopefully find the perfect act for your wedding!




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